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McLaren Brown began its venture into Auckland tourism marketing

 in a little office over the Harbour Bridge in Devonport.

McLaren Brown began its life in a little office over the Harbour Bridge in Devonport.

That was back in 1985 when Anne McLaren (a Journalist) and Estelle Brown (a housewife) borrowed $5,000 each from their husbands and decided to write a visitor guide for Auckland.

The Auckland A-Z began with a print run of 20,000 copies rising rapidly to over 500,000.

Many of its founder advertisers are still with the company.

Today’s focus on Auckland tourism marketing and websites reaching over 1.5 million visitors annually.









McLaren Brown holds multiple Auckland tourism marketing awards including a Westpac Business Excellence award.

It’s a highly respected multi-media company successfully producing Auckland tourism marketing strategies and marine print, app and online products. McLaren Brown is run by a talented team of ten.



Anne McLaren (pictured left) heads the team and believes implicitly in integrity
with excellence.

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