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McLaren Brown began its venture into Auckland tourism marketing

 in a little office over the Harbour Bridge in Devonport.

McLaren Brown began its life in a little office over the Harbour Bridge in Devonport.

That was back in 1985 when Anne McLaren (a Journalist) and Estelle Brown (a housewife) borrowed $5,000 each from their husbands and decided to write a visitor guide for Auckland.

The Auckland A-Z began with a printrun of 20,000 copies rising rapidly to over 500,000.

Many of its founder advertisers are still with the company.

Today’s focus on Auckland tourism marketing includes a Chinese edition, and websites reaching over 1.5 million visitors annually.









McLaren Brown holds multiple Auckland tourism marketing awards including a Westpac Business Excellence award.

It’s a highly respected multi-media company successfully producing Auckland tourism marketing strategies and marine print, app and online products. McLaren Brown is run by a talented team of ten.



Anne McLaren (pictured left) heads the team and believes implicitly in integrity
with excellence.

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+ 64 9 418 2344 | Anne +64 21 613 324 | | Level 3, 17 Rawene Road, Birkenhead, Auckland 0746, New Zealand



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